Saturday, January 5, 2008

First Two Days

Hello everyone!!! I'm all settled in here now for the most part! It's SO beautiful here in the mountains!!! The trees are just like the ones in Lufkin!!!! The house sets above all the others on the side of the mountain and in the mornings, you see the distant mountains and beautiful land!!!! I spent all day yesterday unpacking, and today I plan on going for a brisk walk at least, then enjoying the day with my family. Yesterday, I was awakened the best way those of you who have loving four year olds, you'll probably know how I felt. Shaughnessy (my little cousin) was standing over me gently petting my shoulder and said "Good morning" sweetly and with a big smile. Then she leaned over me and said "I love you" with a great big hug. Talk about a great wake-up call!! This was around 9:30 and she'd apparently been calling her parents to ask when she could wake me up. She couldn't wait! She told me on the way up here, "Are you going to stay the night?"
"Yes, probably many nights."

"Nineteen nights?"

"Yep. More."

"28 nights?"


"NINETY NINE nights!!!???"

"Probably so."

To this, she answered with a big gasping smile!!

Then she said that I would be like her big sister!!!! She's the smartest, sweetest little one I know!!!

Continue to pray for me, I have had enough time to feel a little homesick! BY THE WAY...MY CELL GETS NO SIGNAL UP HERE, SO YOU'LL HAVE TO CALL THE HOUSE!!! FELICIA, MY FAMILY, WILL, AND IAN HAVE MY NUMBER!!!! Just until I get a new cell.Love y'all!!!!


Felicia said...

I miss you already but am so glad that things are going well! I will make sure that anyone who wants your number gets it. I love you!

Willard said...

Aimibelle!!!! i haven't got to post it yet, but i have the most amazing picture of you!!!!! you and i will think its funny, everyone else might possibly think we're retarded, but its ok! i'll post it asap!!!