Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Plex and the Complex

Okay, so I was SUPPOSED to be going to TBC this semester, but I have NO clue how that's gonna happen! There have been complications and I'm not entirely sure I'll be leaving til...later. I'm not gonna say WHEN because every time I DO it doesn't work out. So...
Oh yeah, even if I DID go, Alicia and I wouldn't be roommates. Apparently there's a gal who doesn't know anyone going and she wants to room with her. So, I have no choice but to forfeit rooming with the amiable Miss Evans. I'll live. I'm sure we'll still be invading each others dorms quite a bit.

These pics were taken at the Plex during our section one lock-in this past Friday Night.(If you click on the pic it'll expand)Alicia and I in one set (with our well-deserved tiaras) and Jess and I in the other. It was lots of...fun. I got to see my Lindsey, Misheree, and Catherine. I was happy as a clam. (And sorta soggy too. Whoa, that night was muggy, even INSIDE the building)

So that's the happenings of this saddened lil' gal. All will work out for God's will. Smiles.