Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Plex and the Complex

Okay, so I was SUPPOSED to be going to TBC this semester, but I have NO clue how that's gonna happen! There have been complications and I'm not entirely sure I'll be leaving til...later. I'm not gonna say WHEN because every time I DO it doesn't work out. So...
Oh yeah, even if I DID go, Alicia and I wouldn't be roommates. Apparently there's a gal who doesn't know anyone going and she wants to room with her. So, I have no choice but to forfeit rooming with the amiable Miss Evans. I'll live. I'm sure we'll still be invading each others dorms quite a bit.

These pics were taken at the Plex during our section one lock-in this past Friday Night.(If you click on the pic it'll expand)Alicia and I in one set (with our well-deserved tiaras) and Jess and I in the other. It was lots of...fun. I got to see my Lindsey, Misheree, and Catherine. I was happy as a clam. (And sorta soggy too. Whoa, that night was muggy, even INSIDE the building)

So that's the happenings of this saddened lil' gal. All will work out for God's will. Smiles.


Anonymous said...

hey man sorry you wont be able to go tbc but like you said it will all work out for the best and as for the plex omg yea it was muggy i was dying lol

Willard said...

it's ok... if your supposed to go right now... keep looking. a way could turn up. if not, then you gotta realize something. "wait," is the hardest word to hear God say... sometimes... it just is really hard to hear... sometimes its hard to believe... either way its not generally fun, but its good to do.