Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Счастья и здоровья!

Hi! If you've read my profile, then you already know some of my interests and a bit about me. I'm not going to give you my whole life story...I don't like soap operas and therefore do not write them!!! :) You're also probably wondering what that garble is that makes up my title. It's Russian and it's one of the languages that I study. It's basically a Russian good wish for health and happiness. I study Russian, French, Norse, Czech, Arabic, Spanish, and Gaelic. After I finally tackle those I plan to move on to the next batch. :)
I've moved around alot throughout my life, (every two years it seems), and I've picked up a variety of interesting habits from each place I've lived.
First of all, no, my dad's not military. He's a chemistry professor at a university. My mom is just good ol' mom. She doesn't work a job (except the one of housekeeping), my stepdad, Jack works at a hospital as an RN. Both of my parents, quite simply, are gypsies. They can't help the wanderlust. Anyway, I've lived with my mom for about half my life, and with my dad about half my life. Always moving!
My mom taught me how to be clean, creative, and sing at the top of my lungs with the radio. My stepdad taught me to "suck it up" and toughen up. (He taught me martial arts when I was young). My dad taught me to focus on academics, think things through, and I learned most of my logic from him. My stepmom also taught me how to toughen up. She's definitely not your average homebody. She likes to be outside, working on cars or mowing the lawn. She's taught me many many more things, too. Like how to throw a baseball, swing a bat...and sew.She's very unique. She holds no grudges, she's a social butterfly without even trying, and yet she's pretty...tomboyish. That's why I love her, though.
Anyway, I have two older brothers, a younger brother, and a younger sister. Nathan's 29. He taught me to skateboard before I could tie my shoes. He's about five-four and very dark. (That's one thing about my dad's family. There are the normal kids, then there are the dark ones.) My uncle Ronnie? Short and of medium/light coloring. My dad? Tall and of the same coloring. My aunt Cathy? Very tall with almost black hair and dark skin. My grandpa was the "dark one" in a group of blondes and there's one in every "batch" of Hallfords.
Joshua's 24. He's taught me the most, I think. When I was 13 and struggling with the choice of popularity or Christianity, he was there holding my hand. When I did he. He encouraged me and even lied for me once to prevent me from getting into serious trouble. He was always protecting me. But he'd always look at me with those blasted puppy eyes that spoke volumes. They'd say stuff like, "I know you can be better." and "Try harder so this doesn't happen again." We were pretty close in a way. I could almost read his mind sometimes. He read mine often. He's a six-two 280 lb. teddy bear. (He's built like the ideal bouncer) But I know he'd fight for someone he loves if he had to.
Andrew is my baby brother. Not smaller by any means. He's 17 and cocky as all get out. He's almost a carbon-copy of James Dean, but honestly, better looking. His eyes are bigger and blue, blue, blue. He's about five-nine and medium in build. He's the go-getter of the group. He wants to do anything that the words "Danger", "Caution", or "Warning" can apply to.
Staci is my baby sis. She's cute as a dog's ear and always has been. She used to have little perfect goldie-locks curls of white-blonde all around her head. Her eyes are hazel and big. She's really petite now, and her hair has straightened and darkened to a "dirty blonde" color. She's about five-two with a sweet face, introverted countenance, but a fierce temper!!!!!!! She's got a mean left hook that hurt just as much when she was three as it does now!
Anyway, that's my family, and out of the whole bunch, I'm the one that loves both the arts and the maths and sciences. I'm super-diverse in my tastes. Anyway, that's a little of my environment.

I moved in with my dad when I was ten and will have officially lived with him half my life in June. I love my family very much and would do anything for any one of them!